About Deutsche Lichtmiete®

Deutsche Lichtmiete Hauptsitz Oldenburg

Deutsche Lichtmiete® was founded in 2008 and is the first company of its kind to specialise in the production and rental of energy-efficient LED lighting technology of industrial quality. We are driven by one question: How is it possible to save energy sustainably and ethically-ecologically? There is hardly another area in the company where energy can be saved as quickly and easily as with lighting. We have made it our business to offer and implement energy-efficient LED projects and above all to make them affordable. We guarantee you fixed rental prices for years without any increase or hidden costs and for our products unobjectionable replacement during the entire rental period should something fail.

Immediate Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership

By renting out exclusive Deutsche Lichtmiete® LED products of the concept light® brand, which we manufacture ourselves in Oldenburg (Oldb.), we achieve a sustainable, immediate reduction in total operating costs after deduction of the rent of between 15 and 35 percent (depending on electricity price, duty cycle, etc.). In addition, the use of our LED luminaires achieves project-related CO2 savings of up to 65 percent and thus exceeds all current climate protection targets set by Germany and the European Union.

Production in Germany

We manufacture our LED industrial lights in Oldenburg (Oldb.). Made in Germany is for us a question of attitude. It goes without saying that we not only support small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany with energy efficiency projects, but also secure jobs. This makes us the first and only provider to assume full and lasting responsibility for the stability of our products and relieve our tenants of all product, project and insurance risks. All our LED lights are not only heat and cold resistant, but also durable and extremely efficient. They are also repairable and recyclable.

Online Platform for Specialist Electrical Companies

When installing our high-quality LED industrial lighting, we leave nothing to chance. We work together with specialist electrical companies throughout Germany who support us in installation and maintenance. With our partner program we offer electrical companies a practical solution to advise their customers correctly with regard to lighting. With the rental model, our partners have a smart, time-saving option compared to three-level sales and can offer their customers an alternative to cost-intensive purchasing. Installation and maintenance remain in one hand, while we as lessor and manufacturer assume product liability and provide replacements for partners and tenants free of charge if required.

Deutsche Lichtmiete® on Growth Course

We have been growing steadily since our foundation and are now working at four locations. Our head office is in Oldenburg (Oldb.). Our production facility is also located there. Our team in Berlin is responsible for the digitization of the business model and the entire development and expansion of online marketing within the group. Investors will find your contacts in Munich. Since 2016, the team of HOLY TRINITY® in Dresden has also been part of the Deutsche Lichtmiete® Group. The award-winning design lighting Made in Germany rounds off the portfolio. Together with around 70 employees, we work every day to become better.

Outstanding innovation

Deutsche Lichtmiete® Group is among the TOP 100 in 2017, an award that honours Germany's most innovative medium-sized companies. An independent jury evaluated the Deutsche Lichtmiete® Group in five categories on the subject of innovation management. We were already awarded the PERPETUUM Energy Efficiency Prize in 2016.

How you can reach us

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