LED Lighting Made in Germany

LED Leuchten Made in Germany

On lichtmiete you will find high-end LEDs in industry quality. Almost all components and materials that we use are manufactured by suppliers in Germany. We emphasize reliable quality, and assemble the industrial LED lights in our own production facility in Oldenburg. During the process, we have full influence on every step of the production process, and can therefore guarantee the highest quality to our customers: Made in Germany.

Our Guarantee: High Quality LED Lights

Through our own production of LED-products, we guarantee that every single component meets our high quality standards. The assembly of the LED plates follows the highest standards, comparable with those in aviation or medical technology. Except for our LED chips, which we obtain directly from the world market leader NICHIA in Japan, we exclusively use components from German manufacturers, which are manufactured to our specifications by tools designed exclusively for us. Our short delivery routes make an important contribution to environment protection.

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Production Facility in Oldenburg

In our production facility in Oldenburg, all components are assembled, fused, and checked. Only in this way can be fulfil our promise of high quality, and offer customers LED lighting that is Made in Germany, especially long-lasting, and low in maintenance. Every product that leaves our production facility undergoes detailed technical examination and testing. As such, we can ensure that only perfectly functioning industrial lighting is installed for our customers. 

VDE-Approved Testing Facility

Our production facility is regularly checked by the VDE testing and certification institute. These regular audits guarantee the upholding of standards for certified LED lighting according to the workplace inspection process ECS/CIG 021 - 024:2014. The installed LED drivers all have important certificates such as ENEC, TÜV, VDE, CE and DIN EN 61000. To constantly improve our LED lighting, their longevity and energy efficiency, and to reduce their maintenance, we run a research department with our own lab and a standardised test chamber

Patented Safety

Our technicians have developed a special safety mechanism that is integrated in the end caps of our LED tubes. It protects the user from possible dangers of an improper meddling with the product, and prevents an extraneous installation of LED tubes. Only with a special key can the safety mechanism be undone and the tubes switched out. This easy but nonetheless highly efficient security mechanism is unique in this way, and was patented in 2016. 

Flicker-Free Homogenous Light

Our LED lights are produced in such a way, that they are not pulsed i.e. clocked. In this process, LEDs are switched on and off in split seconds, with the goal of optimising the lighting efficiency. This, however, is achieved at the expense of the product’s lifespan, and results in the flickering and flaring of light. 

Longer Lifespan Through A Low Current-Feed

To guarantee long-lasting light, all Lichtmiete lights are supplied with a low current, which means they are not brightened to the maximum. To guarantee the best-possible lighting in our products, more LED chips have been built into all Lichtmiete LED lights. As such, the lifespan of the lighting is greatly extended. In this way, we can guarantee our customer the best-possible illumination and trouble-free, long-lasting lighting.

LED Lighting: Resilient in Many Areas

All elements are produced robustly and can withstand vibrations as well as demanding surrounding conditions, such as high and extremely low temperatures. In addition, our LED lights are repairable, to protect resources, the environment, and the climate. 

Manufacturer and Lessor At Once

We are not only the manufacturer, but also the lessor of industrial LED lighting. It is therefore in our interest to provide our customers with qualitative, high-end, and long-lasting industrial LED lighting. Our customers receive a lifelong warranty on all rented LED lighting, and in the case of a breakdown or a defect, we provide a fast and free replacement.  

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