LED Industrial Lighting: Optimal Light – Even in Challenging Environments

Rent high-end industrial lighting with us, suitable for the toughest environments. These include for example: 

  • Even halls with ceiling over 30 metres in height 
  • Deep-frieze and cooling storages with surrounding temperatures of up to –35 °C 
  • Foundries and rolling mills with surrounding temperatures up to +70 °C
  • Production areas with high dust emissions

We manufacture the industrial LED lighting in our production facility in Oldenburg and can therefore offer every customer the highest level of quality in both our products and our service.

Our Industrial LED Lighting At A Glance

Technical Details of Lichtmiete LED Industrial Lighting

Our industrial lights are supplied with a low current and thereby generate long-lasting light. Other manufacturers supply LEDs with a maximum current, to generate the required brightness. This, however, has negative effects on the longevity of every single LED. Our industrial lights are manufactured with more LED chips

A further benefit: Contrary to conventional LEDs, our LED lights are not clocked i.e. pulsed. As such, there is no flickering or flaring. In turn, this provides more evenly-distributed lighting. Clocking or pulsing means that LEDs are switched on and off in split seconds to optimise the light capacity. While the LED is on, it can be utilised at an incredibly high capacity. When off, the LED can cool down. This, however, not only has negative effects on the longevity of the LED, but also on health. Even if the flickering is not visible to the human eye, it nonetheless influences the brain and can lead to headaches. 

Because our industrial LED lights are not clocked i.e. pulsed, as well as supplied with a low current, their longevity is far beyond average

Whether high bay luminaires, recessed luminaires, light strip, or tube: modern industrial LED lights use significantly less electricity than conventional lights with the same light output. Compared to conventional lighting, electricity use can be reduced by 65 percent. Annually, companies save between 15 and 35 percent in total lighting costs, after deduction of the rent (depending on electricity costs and operating time). In addition, our industrial lights are long-lasting, with a default rate of under 0.1 percent, and especially low-maintenance in intense situations.

All characteristics at a glance:

  • Even distribution of light—no flickering/flaring i.e. no clocking/pulsing 
  • Long-lasting light through low current supply
  • Instant brightness without a warm-up phase 
  • Different light colours, performance levels, and performance categories
  • Intended for the food and beverage industry  
  • Dimmable—brightness value can be adjusted 
  • DALI-capable—lights pick-up the DALI-signal and can be integrated and controlled by a given network (in this way daylight-dependant lighting can be realized) 
  • Lifelong warranty 
  • 300.000 switch cycles
  • Made in Germany

Characteristics and Areas of Application of LED high bay luminaires

Our LED high bay luminaires Concept Light are designed to withstand the toughest environments: up to 30-metre-high hall ceilings, temperatures as low as –35 °C or dusty environments. The above-average longevity makes our professional LED high bay luminaires an ideal alternative to conventional halogen-metal halide lamps (MH) or mercury vapour lamps (HQL). In addition, our LED lights are free of toxic compounds, are recyclable, and the components are reusable.

For production facilities, such as rolling mills or foundries, LED high bay luminaires Concept Light HT are especially suitable (HT stands for heat). Surrounding temperatures of up to +70°C are not a problem for these industrial lights. 

Characteristics and Areas of Application of T8 LED Tubes

Our LED T8 tubes Concept Light are an energy efficient replacement for conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. The industrial lights made with a patented safety cap, which acts as reliable protection against short circuits, electric shocks, or work accidents. In addition, the cap makes sure that the LED T8 tube can only be unlocked and switched-out with a special key. In this way, improper installation and disassembly of the light can be reliably avoided.

LED tubes are powered at a low voltage and offer excellent light output and colour rendering, even after many years of operation. They promise evenly-distributed light directly after being switched on. Application areas include production halls and warehouses, parking lots and underground parking areas, department and retail stores, and even cold storages.  

Characteristics and Areas of Application of the LED Light Strip

Thanks to its very slim structure, the LED light strip Concept Light is versatile in application. Whether in storage-, logistics-, or in production halls, workshops or cold storages, our LED light strips provide optimal light even in the smallest spaces. They are an energy efficient and cost-saving replacement for conventional T5/T8 lighting systems, are available with various performance levels and light colours, and provide perfect light in every lighting situation.

Characteristics and Areas of Application of the LED Recessed Luminaires

The LED recessed luminaire Concept Light is ideal for application in offices and in rooms with little natural daylight. With a light point height of up to 3,5 meters, the recessed luminaires are the ideal replacement for conventional louvre luminaires. Typical areas of application include office spaces and conference rooms, but also department stores and education facilities, where they provide evenly-distributed, bright lighting.

Easily Rent and Save Lichtmiete LED Industrial Lighting

Our industrial lighting convinces with its above-average lifespan, low-maintenance construction, and a significantly lower use of electricity than comparable lighting. Thanks to advanced technology, our lighting can replace practically ever conventional lighting system in industrial, commercial, and public sectors, and provide evenly-distributed, pleasant, and permanent bright light. 

In addition, you can profit from the fact that we are not only manufactures, but also the lessors of industrial LED lighting. On request we offer an all-around service, from the planning up to the installation and maintenance through certified electrical specialists. High investment costs are omitted, as well as the lengthy product decision-making for your new lighting. Find out more about the product that best suits your location, and rent your new industrial lighting.

“We didn’t have to finance an investment and yet from the very first month on we were able to significantly lower our total lighting costs.“

Helmut Stoltz
Head of Logistics


“An investment does not pay off in the long-term, since spare parts and electrician costs must be accounted for in the final bill.“

Siegfried Degner
Managing Director

Autohaus Degner GmbH

“The difference is like night and day.”

Peter Dzwonek
Messer GmbH on the new light situation

Messer Industriemontagen & Apparatebau

“I think it’s incredible that you can improve the lighting and save on overall costs at the same time.”


Manfred Hartwig
Managing Director

Assmy & Böttger Electronic GmbH & Co. KG