Rated output

121 - 527 W (more available on request)

Rated voltage Feed-in AC voltage

230 V

Operating frequency - Mains frequency

50 Hz

Rated current

0.5 to 2.3 A

Start-up current

50 A - 140 A (based on cold start for 275 - 1,010 μs)

Power factor

> 0,95

Residual ripple

< 0,5 %

Electromagnetic compatibility

Tested & confirmed compliant with DIN EN 62493 (VDE 0848-493)

Safety standards

ENEC, VDE, IFS 6, BRC 7 according to DIN 10500


Photo-biological safety

Risk group 1 (low risk)

Light colour as per EN 12464-1

White, neutral white

Colour temperature

4,000 K, 5,000 K

Rated luminous flux

12,100 - 52,700 lm

Beam angle

80°, 120°, diffuse

Colour reproduction index Ra

> 85

Luminous ux retention at the end of the rated lifespan


Start time

< 0.5 s


Total length

360 - 960 mm

Total width

535 mm


125 mm

Product weight

7,850 - 18,650 g (depending on number of spotlights)


from 500 mm


Aluminium profile

End treatment powder-coated, optionally anodised

Plastic cover

Polycarbonate (PC) transparent, polycarbonate (PC) colourLED®

Housing colours



Ambient temperature range LED High Bay Light

-35 to +50 °C

Ambient temperature range LED High Bay Light HT

-35 to +70 °C


Rated lifespan

> 150.000 hours

Number of switching cycles



Food & beverage industry

IFS 6 / BRC 7 as per DIN 10500

Dimmable / DALI-compatible


Sports venue

Safety against ball throwing as per DIN 18032 part 3



Strong dust formation, extreme temperatures, and splashing water: The LED high bay luminaires concept light® defy the toughest conditions. Additionally, they are durable, maintenance-friendly, and offer strong light output—ideal for production and storage facilities with varying requirements in industry lighting.

All Benefits of LED High Bay Luminaires

  • High durability and reliable operation
  • Robust design and durable materials 
  • Optimal illumination under the toughest conditions
  • Flicker-free
  • Anti-glare
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Instant brightness without warming up
  • Broad application range thanks to various finishes (light colour, beam angle, covering)
  • Flexible combination in a range of performance categories
  • VDE-proofed production site in Germany
  • Sustainable construction from recycled building elements

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LED High Bay Luminaires for Industrial Settings, Warehouses, and Logistics

LED high bay concept light® promise optimal lighting even in halls with a ceiling as high as 30 metres. The broad range of finishes, with different light colours, beam angles, performance levels, and coverings, meet individual needs in industrial lighting. This allows a wide range of applications:

Our H-Series: Industrial LED Lighting for Production Halls - Heat Resistant up to +70 °C

Surrounding temperatures of up to +70 °C are also not a problem for our LED high bay luminaires in the HT-series. Even in high-ceilinged locations, they are ideal for complex production processes, such as aluminium processing.

The right lighting is critical to demanding tax and control processes. The LED high bay luminaire concept light® offers anti-glare and flicker-free lighting. With the right lighting, symptoms of fatigue and the risk of accidents are minimized. The high-end LED luminaires ensure optimal light conditions, thereby promoting productivity.

LED Hall Lighting for the Food Industry

The food industry places particularly strong demands on lighting. Industrial lighting must meet strict hygienic, electrical, and lighting requirements. This is true for businesses in food logistics as well as in production and processing.

LED hall lighting by Lichtmiete meet all standards of the food industry according to the IFS standard / BRC 7 in accordance with DIN 10500:

  • Non-breakable

  • No glass components

  • Covered light sources

  • Resilient to humidity, tremors, cold temperatures, and chemical cleaning agents

LED Hall Lighting for Cold Storage Houses: Cold-resistant up to −30 °C

At a temperature range from −30 °C to +70 °C our LED hall lighting is ideally suited for cold storage houses. Their robust construction makes the industrial luminaires highly resistant to low temperatures and the associated critical factor of humidity. Of course, our LED hall lighting is just as well suited for application in halls with excessive heat development.

The modern LED technology of our hall lighting promotes a significant decline in cooling energy. In addition, our industrial LED luminaires can work with external sensors, when permanent lighting is not needed. This significantly lowers electricity consumption and costs.

Rent LED Hall Luminaires at an Affordable Price

Rent high-end LED industrial luminaires for workshops, production halls, warehouses, or cold storage houses. Save on energy costs and high acquisition costs, and switch to Rent LED Luminaires cost effectively and without risk. The installation and maintenance is overseen by a qualified specialist electrical dealer.

  • No product or liability risk
  • No timely reinvestments across the entire rental period
  • Product guaranty across the entire rental period

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