Rated output

22 - 35 W

Rated voltage Feed-in AC voltage

230 V

Operating frequency - Mains frequency

50 Hz

Rated current

0.25 to 0.30 A

Start-up current

50 A (based on cold start for 200 μs)

Power factor

> 0,95

Residual ripple

< 0,5 %

Electromagnetic compatibility

Tested & confirmed compliant with DIN EN 62493 (VDE 0848-493)

Safety standards

See certificates


Photo-biological safety

Risk group 1 (low risk)

Light colour as per EN 12464-1

White, neutral white

Colour temperature

4.000 K, 5.000 K (other light colours available on request)

Rated luminous flux

2.200 - 4.000 lm

Beam angle


Colour reproduction index Ra

> 85

Luminous ux retention at the end of the rated lifespan


Start time

< 0.5 s


Total length

1,513 mm


1,500 mm (1,200 and 600 mm available on request)

Tube diameter

T8 (26 mm)

Product weight

495 g


Aluminium profile

End treatment anodising

Plastic cover

Polycarbonate (PC) colourLED®, polycarbonate (PC) transparent

Patented plastic end caps

Low- ammability polycarbonate (PC)


Ambient temperature range

-35 to +50 °C


Rated lifespan

up to 150.000 hours

Number of switching cycles



Food & beverage industry

IFS 6 / BRC 7 as per DIN 10500

Dimmable / DALI-compatible

on request



Versatile and efficient

The LED tubes by Deutsche Lichtmiete® are the ideal alternative to conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. They are extremely quick to install. Their robust design and the extremely low failure rate of less than 0.1% ensure minimal maintenance. The luminaires are distinguished by their outstanding lifespan of over 100,000 operating hours. The modern LED technology also provides low thermal load and reduced energy consumption. Compared to conventional fluorescent lamps, energy savings of up to 65% are possible. Companies can save between 15-35% of the entire light costs after deduction of the rent.

Patent for more security by switching to LED Tubes

The switch to efficient LED lighting is even safer for users and installers thanks to the new, patented security cap for LED tubes. The patent protects against short circuits, electric shocks and other work accidents. The cap prevents incorrect installation in that a securing pin driven by spring force prevents the insertion of the light fixture into the mount. The pin is attached to the end of the tube and can only be unlocked with the special included key. Installation is only possible once the pin has been unlocked. If the tube is removed, the pin automatically springs out again. All Deutsche Lichtmiete® LED tubes are fitted with the safety cap.

Optimum lighting conditions

The tubes spread their full brightness after installation without any need for a warm-up phase. They maintain this brightness for their entire operation time because Deutsche Lichtmiete® tubes are not clocked or pulsed. The excellent colour reproduction of the LED tubes ensures even and homogeneous illumination in storage rooms, production facilities, warehouses and in the retail trade, in corridors and stairwells, as well as underground parking garages. A wide beam angle of 180 degrees that emits glare-free light results in optimal lighting conditions. Our LED tubes can be flexibly combined and are available in various performance categories. 

Properties and benefits of Deutsche Lichtmiete® LED Tubes 

  • Up to 150,000 operating hours and extremely high reliability
  • Robust design with low maintenance
  • Patented plastic end cap for safely replacing luminaires
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Top-quality, external LED industrial drivers with the highest output voltage stability even during grid fluctuations
  • Low-voltage operation
  • Flexibly combined in various performance categories
  • Homogeneous and even illumination
  • Flicker-free light (neither clocked nor pulsed)
  • Highest capacity for frequent switching and full brightness without a warm-up phase
  • Made in Germany

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