Interior Lighting: The Highest Demands in Functionality to Suit Every Situation


Well-designed interior lighting fulfils a plethora of functions. From optimal visual support to safety-relevant tasks. Interior lighting plays an important role in creating a world of experience in retail, and can heighten the wellbeing of both employees and customers. In sports halls, adequately installed lighting can lead to sporting success. In industry and crafts, interior lighting must fight the pressures of dust, heat, or humidity. But despite these bad conditions the fail-proof functioning of every single light is unavoidable. These are requirements that our high-end LED interior lighting for industrial applications reliably fulfils.

LED Interior Lighting Application Areas At A Glance

The Trend Towards Energy Efficient LED Interior Lighting

Growing demands require a lighting concept that is tailored to individual needs in addition to intelligent light management. Prerequisites, that from a technical perspective, demand higher costs when using older technologies such as fluorescent tubes, HQI, or HQL lights. To reduce costs and due to their versatile application, innovative LED technology is gaining momentum with its many benefits: 

  • Reduced electricity use up to 65 percent
  • The operating time of our LED lights is at least 100.000 hours, which is three times as much as that of HQI lights or fluorescent tubes 
  • No flickering or flaring: due to their constant starting procedures, fluorescent tubes create a subconsciously perceived flickering despite ballast, which can lead to increased fatigue in employees
  • 300.000 switch cycles: florescent tubes have a lower operating time and can offer just a third of the switch cycles that LED interior lighting does  
  • LED is a real alternative to HQL lights: Since 13. April 2015 a legal prohibition against HQL lights (mercury vapour lamps) in retail has been in place

These are arguments that are increasingly convincing companies to install LED lighting and to profit from the many benefits of the technology. You are unsure what LED lighting are right for your company? Our staff is happy to help you.

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DIN EN 12464-1 Sets the Requirements

The DIN EN 12464-1 is a European standard that outlines the detailed requirements for interior lighting in businesses. For international use outside of Europe, the moderately change form ISO 8995/CIE S 008 is available. To support healthy sight that is not detrimental to health, LED interior lighting must meet various requirements. These requirements are based on several factors, such as workplace functions, safety-relevant aspects, or the type of work. Besides the correct positioning of the lights, the following evaluation parameters are relevant: 

  • Illuminance
Values for rating glare
  • Equal light distribution 

  • Colour rendering index 

These standards act as norms and guidelines, and ensure the safety of employees, products, and machines. 

Lichtmiete Product Range for Efficient Light Management 

Our entire product range can be applied to a broad range of outputs, is dimmable as well as DALI-compatible, and ideal for use in the food and beverage industries. The luminaires’ surrounding temperatures can be between –35 °C to +70 °C, and can be applied in a broad range of areas, from cold storages to production halls. A further important point in the colour rendering index, which is far above the value specified in the DIN 12464-1. Every type of lighting is developed and manufactured in our own production facility in Oldenburg.

LED High Bay Luminaires Concept Light

Efficient and robust in temperatures between –35 °C to +70 °C and with the protection class IP64 is secured against dust and splashing water. Ideal for application in spaces with 6 to 30-metre-high ceilings in production halls, warehouses, and logistics halls, sports halls, or cold storages. 

LED Light Strip Concept Light

Efficient interior lighting that finds its place everywhere, and is defined by flexibility. Application areas especially include production halls, warehouses, logistics halls, workshops, and cold storages.

LED Tube T8 Concept Light

These lights are defined by their natural colour rendition and can be installed in cold storages, in retail spaces, production halls, warehouses, parking garages, and underground parking lots.

LED Recessed Luminaires Concept Light

For homogenous and flicker-free i.e. flare-free lighting in office spaces, department stores, retail spaces, and in education facilities or hospitals.

Our entire product range fulfils the highest demands in both operating time and switch cycles.

Are you interested in our efficient LED interior lighting? On the next page you will find more information on hall lighting and store lighting. You are unsure what LED lighting are right for your company? Our staff is happy to help you.

“The difference is massive. It is significantly brighter and the underground car park is evenly lit-up all the way into the furthest corners.“

Thomas Sieverding
Authorized Representative

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“The financial savings in total lighting costs are significantly higher than the monthly rental payments for the new lamps. And all without any investments.“

Hans-Georg Schwarting
Administration Director


“We were interested in the rental concept – partly because of the energy savings predicted due to the LED luminaires, but also because we take on no risk of failure with the luminaires.”

Michael Baumgarten
Managing Director

Forma Baumgarten KG | GmbH & Co

“The difference is like night and day.”

Peter Dzwonek
Messer GmbH on the new light situation

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