LED: Benefits for Businesses


The benefits of LEDs are endless: Almost as fast computers have developed, diodes have become increasingly optimized and efficient. In private households, light-emitting diodes (LED) have long taken hold. But a growing number of businesses are also looking for alternatives to old lighting systems: Instead of lighting up their production facilities and warehouses with fluorescent tubes, mercury vapour lamps, or energy-saving lamps, they are using LEDs. 

Are you looking for a new lighting system? We are here to assist you and provide information on the benefits of LED technology, and how you can avoid any of its disadvantages.

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General Benefits of LED Lights

Compared to conventional lighting, LEDs have the benefit of reducing your electricity use up to 65 %. While the initial acquisition cost is generally higher, the benefits prevail – not only when it comes to energy use. LEDs burn up to 50.000 hours, do not heat up, and do not give off UV radiation. Additionally, diodes are extremely vibration-resistant and are also dimmable. Directly after being switched on, LEDs reach full brightness – an unbeatable advantage over conventional energy-saving lamps. Those switching to LED also reduce CO2 emissions, especially when LED are extensively used. The considerate handling of resources is a topic that is particularly important to us.  

LED Benefits At a Glance: 

  • Reduce electricity use up to 65 % 
  • No heating up
  • No UV radiation 
  • CO2-emissions sink significantly with electricity use 

Disadvantages of Conventional LED Lights

A disadvantage to conventional LED lights are the high acquisition costs. It takes a few years for these to level out. The fear of poor colour rendering, as is true for many LEDs, is eliminated with our LEDs. In addition to this, LEDs are regularly pulsed at a higher current to give off a higher brightness – this diminishes their lifespan.  

The LED clock timer, too, has its disadvantages: During fast-switching operations, suppression measures are necessary to avoid flickering and flaring. 

Conventional LED Lights in Comparison with Our Products

Instead of high acquisition costs that are typically connected to conventional LED lighting systems, lighting can be rented Excellent colour rendering: our LED lights are high-end so that colours are virtually unaltered. Compared to conventional LED lights, our products are not pulsed and not clocked – this extends their lifespan and increases efficiency.

Rent LED Industrial Lighting Instead of Buying: Lower Your Operating Costs Today

As a business, you can only profit from the benefits of LED: Depending on previous lighting, expect savings of between 15 and 35 % of total annual lighting costs – including the rent of your new industrial LED lighting. Thanks to our revolutionarily-easy rental system, the innovative technology can be rented by businesses without the risk of big investments. We exclusively use our own, ‘Made in Germany’ LED lights, and individually tailor your lighting concept – whether hall lighting, light strips, panels, or tubes.

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Own Production: LED Lighting Made in Germany

A benefit of our LED lighting is that it is made entirely in our own production facility in Oldenburg. Our failure rate is currently lower than 0.1 %. All pieces are directly acquired through the manufacturer and are all – except for our LED chip and driver – ‘Made in Germany’. The drivers benefit from an industrial quality. Our electricity usage is based on significantly lower currents, 35 to 50 mA, which is not pulsed and not clocked. This means that not only does the efficiency of our industrial LED lighting increase, but also its lifespan.

In this video we explain our production principle ‘Made in Germany’ in just one minute:

Video: Own Production Made in Germany

Lifetime Warranty: Free Replacement with Premature Failures

We are so convinced by our LED lighting, that, as the manufacturer and lessor, we promise a lifetime warranty. Good, store-bought LEDs last approximately 60.000 to 80.000 hours. Our LEDs have a lifespan of up to 150.000 hours. If an LED should prematurely fail, we offer free replacement. Their robust build makes them resistant to strong vibrations. This is especially beneficial to production areas and factory halls of smaller, middle-sized, and large-scale businesses. 

Since out LEDs are repairable and recyclable, our rental-model is interesting also for specialist electrical companies. As our partner, specialist electrical companies can offer customers long-term rental options of our LED lighting, and collaborate with clients even more successfully.

Deutsche Lichtmiete Industrial LED Lights – All Benefits At a Glance

  • Lower total lighting costs up to 35% (including rent)
  • Lifespan of up to 150.000 hours
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No high acquisition costs i.e. investments
  • Robust built: ideal for application in factory- or production halls
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Sustainable construction from reusable components
  • Extremely failsafe (failure rate of under 0,1%)
  • High-quality due to own production ‘Made in Germany’
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Conclusion: Not only businesses benefit from the lights of Deutsche Lichtmiete®

Not only businesses but also your employees benefit from our industrial lighting, who work in the light of our luminaires. To work safely and without tiring, good lighting in the workplace is a must. Poor lighting can increase the risk of accidents. The German Occupational Safety Act specifies norms for lighting conditions in workplaces. Our LED lights meet all occupational safety requirements and are ideal for application in businesses. Their maximum quality promises the best possible lighting for workplaces without altering colours and with excellent light output.

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