LED Hall Lighting: How to Profit from Innovative LED Technology


LED Hall Lighting Specifically Tailored to Halls

Every field of application demands different requirements in hall lighting. As such, a sports hall requires a different lighting concept than a multipurpose hall. A warehouse with high bay storage requires a different concept than a cold storage. The lighting in a parking garage differs greatly from that required for the proper operation of an industrial hall. What all hall lighting have in common is the entitlement to efficient, customizable, and at the same time energy saving lighting. These prerequisites are fulfilled by our LED hall lighting. Innovative technology means that electricity use can be reduced by up to 65 percent.

Our many years of experience guarantees our competence in the planning and realizing of different lighting concepts. Every concept is individually tailored to the requirements of the hall. Our lighting concepts include:

DIN EN 12464-1 Defines the Minimum Requirements

In the DIN EN 12464-1 minimum requirements in hall lighting are defined for various fields of application, including the minimum requirements in lighting quality for halls. Here, a harmoniously-spread density of light, a satisfactory illuminance, a limitation of both direct and reflected glare, as well as the avoiding of flickering or stroboscopic effects.

LED Lighting Meets the Most Demanding Requirements

Lichtmiete industrial LED lighting is developed and manufactured in our own production facility in Oldenburg. In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality of every single LED hall light. This quality shows in the robust production of different lights and their varied fields of application. Their high temperature resistance guarantees efficient application of the high-performing lights in a range from –35 °C to +50 °C. 

Our range offers special industrial lights for especially demanding environments, such as foundries or industrial halls used for wood processing. Our LED high bay luminaires Concept Light HT strictly stick to fire protection requirements and can tolerate surrounding temperatures of up to +70 °C.  Our LED hall lighting stands out with its robust production, a lifespan of up to 150.000 operating hours, and an above-average amount of switch cycles. Our products are dimmable, DALI-verified, and do not flicker. A further important point: In switching your old hall lighting to new industrial lighting you annually save up to 65 percent in electricity costs.

Industrial Lighting For Your New LED Hall Lighting

Our LED high bay luminaires Concept Light can be used in heights of 5 up to 30 metres and in various beam angles. The high bay luminaires have the protection class IP64 and can be installed in halls with surrounding temperatures of up to +70°C. They are just as suitable for workshops and production facilities as for halls of the food and beverage industry. 

Like the high bay luminaires, the LED light strip Concept Light offers a very broad application range. The LED light strip is just as suited for lighting up production halls, warehouses, logistics halls, as it is for workshops and cold storages. 

The LED tube T8 Concept Light is perfect for covering wide ceiling surface areas, for workplace lighting in industrial halls, as well as for lighting up parking garages. Like all industrial LED lights, the T8 boasts a start-time of less than 0.5 seconds and offers instant brightness without requiring a warm-up phase. 

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5 good Reasons to Rent Efficient LED Hall Lighting

  1. Decreased use of electricity, CO₂ and total costs
    By switching to LED you not only lowering your electricity use by 65%, but also your CO₂ use. Moreover, after deduction of rent, save between 15–35% of the entire lighting costs with LED (depending on energy costs and operating time).  
  2. High-end products manufactured in our production facility (Made in Germany)
    Our LED industrial luminaires are manufactured in our production facility in Oldenburg, where they are designed, tested and produced. We receive the LED chips from our partner in Japan, a leading LED manufacturing company.
  3. No investment costs 
    The monthly rental of our LED industrial luminaires means that high investments or hidden finance costs are non-existent. Our rental service is in accordance with IFRS and will not negatively affect your balance in any way.
  4. Complete service
    We cover the time consuming and costly product search. On request, our corporate partners will take care of the installation (certified electrical specialists).
  5. Lifetime warranty 
    During the rental period, we guarantee lifetime warranty. In doing so, there is no potential product risk—this is our responsibility as the lessor.
“We didn’t have to finance an investment and yet from the very first month on we were able to significantly lower our total lighting costs.“

Helmut Stoltz
Head of Logistics


“The difference is massive. It is significantly brighter and the underground car park is evenly lit-up all the way into the furthest corners.“

Thomas Sieverding
Authorized Representative

KUBON Immobilien GmbH

“We especially need extremely high-quality light in the bodywork and paint shop. Our new LED lighting system will still be diffusing an even and homogenous light for many years to come."

Erik Ruschke​
Managing Director

Erik Ruschke GmbH

“An investment does not pay off in the long-term, since spare parts and electrician costs must be accounted for in the final bill.“

Siegfried Degner
Managing Director

Autohaus Degner GmbH