LED Lighting in Sports Halls Lowers Operating Costs


Good lighting in sports halls means visual comfort, optimal visual performance, and a pleasant visual ambiance. These criteria can be optimised by considering quality features in lighting technology. This includes colour representation as well as a harmonious distribution of brightness. You can be in charge of your own visual comfort. Good visual performance is influenced by lighting levels and glare limitations. These factors influence safety, but also the successful practice of sports activities. 

Quality features in sports hall lighting, such as shade, light colour, and the direction of light, influence the visual ambiance. Every single quality feature must be defined in the conception process, to promise optimal lighting for every kind of sports activity.

Ideal results can be achieved through a combination of an individually developed lighting concept and modern LED lighting. In addition, optimising your sports hall lighting system with LED technology comes with economic benefits, since electricity use can be reduced up to 65 percent with LED lights.

Sports Hall Lighting Must Meet High Demands

High demands are placed on sports hall lighting. Starting with hall lighting for training, to public events in which the press and TV networks are present. Especially TV recordings require high-end lighting for the best possible results.

Besides this, optimal sports hall lighting is unavoidable for sports activities to be practices safely and successfully. Brightness is key to clear vision and for detecting a quick ball. Within the scope of ball sports or for identifying small movements in martial arts, brightness alone is not enough.

Excellent colour rendition is just as important to consider as the glare caused by lights. This is especially the case when players or the audience are following a flying ball. In field sports such as tennis, a particular arrangement of the tennis hall lighting is required to offset and avoid interfering harsh shadows. In the case of a multipurpose hall that is not only used for sports activities, the demands placed on sports hall lighting are even higher, since the ambiance created by light is a key function.

All these criteria are fulfilled by our LED lights, which are specifically designed for sports hall lighting, such as the popular LED T8 tube, as well as our powerful LED high bay luminaires
Optimise your sports hall lighting with LED and achieve optimal hall lighting that meets all demands. At the same time, profit from significantly reduced operating costs.

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Sports Hall Lighting Requirements

The requirements for sports hall lighting in educational institutions according to DIN EN 12464-1 include a minimum requirement of 300 lux at a UGR value (blinding movement) of 22 and a colour rendition value of 80.

Lighting Classes According to DIN EN 12193

The DIN EN 12193 specifies lighting requirements for sports facilities including the training conditions required for individual sports activities by way of so-called lighting classes. The more competitive the sport or training is, and the further away viewers are from the event, the higher the lighting class is. Lighting class I is considered the highest level. 

  • Lighting class I
This lighting class covers high-performance sports and high-performance training. Viewers are located at a significant distance.  
  • Lighting class II
    Intermediate-level competitive sports primarily without viewers are considered part of category II in sports hall lighting. The visual distance is here regarded as an ‘instrument’.  
  • Lighting class III
    For straightforward sports, general training, school sports, and leisure sports, lighting according to lighting class III is sufficient. 

Depending on the type of sport, horizontal illuminance in lux and vertical illuminance need to be considered. The benefits of an individual lighting concept are reflected in different areas: beginning with athletes’ overall wellbeing, to safety measures, which are unavoidable in spaces such as climbing halls.

Have you considered switching to LED for a while? Receive a personal quote now– for free and non-binding – to ensure optimal lighting.

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Optimise Sports Hall Lighting Costs By Renting

In switching your current sports hall lighting to LED in collaboration with Lichtmiete, you profit in more ways than one. Receive a personalised lighting concept tailored to your needs and reduce costs at the same time. Because we offer new LED sports hall lighting for rent. 

Within the entire rental period of your new sports hall lighting, our certified electrical specialists will take care of the lighting system’s installation and maintenance as Lichtmiete partners. At the same time, reduce operating costs in this area after deduction of rent—depending on your electricity’s provider’s costs and the duration the lights are switched on, this can be up to 35 percent. 

5 Good Reasons to Rent Efficient LED Sports Hall Lighting

  1. Decreased use of electricity, CO₂ and total costs
    By switching to LED you not only lowering your electricity use by 65%, but also your CO₂ use. Moreover, after deduction of rent, save between 15–35% of the entire lighting costs with LED (depending on energy costs and operating time).  
  2. High-end products manufactured in our production facility (Made in Germany)
    Our LED industrial luminaires are manufactured in our production facility in Oldenburg, where they are designed, tested and produced. We receive the LED chips from our partner in Japan, a leading LED manufacturing company.
  3. No investment costs 
    The monthly rental of our LED industrial luminaires means that high investments or hidden finance costs are non-existent. Our rental service is in accordance with IFRS and will not negatively affect your balance in any way.
  4. No Graduated Rent
    During the entire rental period, our rental price does not change. There are no graduated rent increases. Even in the case of a repair, which we naturally cover, the rent does not increase. Guaranteed.
  5. Lifetime warranty 
    During the rental period, we guarantee lifetime warranty. In doing so, there is no potential product risk—this is our responsibility as the lessor.

“We were interested in the rental concept – partly because of the energy savings predicted due to the LED luminaires, but also because we take on no risk of failure with the luminaires.”

Michael Baumgarten
Managing Director

Forma Baumgarten KG | GmbH & Co

“The financial savings in total lighting costs are significantly higher than the monthly rental payments for the new lamps. And all without any investments.“

Hans-Georg Schwarting
Administration Director


“We also finally wanted a homogeneous light colour in our production hall. The old HQLs didn’t emit homogenous light; instead the colour temperature varied from lamp to lamp, from yellow to yellow-white tones.“

Ralf Risters
Managing Director

RJ Lasertechnik GmbH

“We were primarily won over by the service philosophy of the lighting rental concept. We no longer have any product or failure risks at all and even save costs after paying the rental payments.”


Fokko Steen
Commercial Director