Warehouse Lighting: Rent Instead of Buy Innovative LED Lighting


Warehouse lighting often involves very high ceilings of between eight and twelve metres. This requires powerful lighting, to provide the floor area with a high-quality illumination that meets safety regulations. Often, the result is high energy- and maintenance costs. By installing innovative LED technology you can reduce electricity use significantly while providing even better illumination. On average, LED lighting reduces lighting energy costs by between 15 and 35%. Depending on the costs of your energy provider as well as operating time, the result is correspondingly high cost savings. Taking the constantly rising energy costs into account, these are arguments that speak in favour of switching out warehouse lighting for savings-friendly LED technology.

More Security At A Lower Price Than Stated in the DIN EN 12464-1

The minimum requirements stated in the DIN EN 12464-1 are based on a minimum for safety-relevant lighting. Since especially work in halls is extraordinarily strenuous for many employees, good lighting of all driving paths, packing tables, and storage systems is for more than just comfort purposes. The better the lighting, the less your employees will feel fatigue at work. Especially for employers this is a risk, since they are often moving between the indoors- and outdoors areas in their work.

Especially on sunny days, the risk of driving into a poorly lit hall is heightened. While driving paths without passenger traffic are said to require only 20 lux, daylight on a sunny day can be as high as 3,500 lux. This means that the vision of forklift drivers must be at peak performance even on cloudy days when driving into the warehouse, to adapt to the reduced light conditions. On a sunny summer’s day, the safety risk increases many times over. Reduce this risk with LED warehouse lighting that is individually tailored to your location’s requirements. In this way, lower not only your costs, but increase workplace safety and the performance of your employees.

Benefits of LED Warehouse Lighting

The benefits of LED lighting in warehouses clearly shows in the previously mentioned savings in electricity costs. But you also profit from LED lighting in other areas. This includes better illumination in general of the driving path floor area as well as of the shelving systems. Through a higher light output, labels on warehouse shelves also become more easily legible. This carries over to the efficiency in different work processes. At the same time, workplace safety in the driving areas benefits from a higher quality of light

Since our industrial LED lighting is not prone to the unpleasant flickering that is given off by fluorescent tubes, our form of warehouse lighting has a positive effect on employee wellbeing. An operating time of up to 100.000 hours as well as the three-times higher switch cycle rate compared to conventional fluorescent tubes are additional benefits.

The robust production of our LED high bay luminaires Concept Light makes them ideally suited for application in tough environments, such as warehouses that are affected by heat and dust.

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Renting Across Many Years Reduces Costs Significantly

There are many reasons for switching out current warehouse lighting. The more qualitatively high-end the lighting is, the more efficient work processes will be completed. Safety increases, too, while the failure-rate sinks. An equally important effect is the savings made in electricity costs. However, buying new warehouse LED lighting means making a significant investment. Choose to rent and profit in capital to invest in other areas. In addition, the rental cost stays the same during the entire rental period

In the area of maintenance, too, renting a lighting system has its benefits. We effectively switch out damaged products at no extra cost. On request, all maintenance works such as inspections can be covered by our electrical specialists. A big benefit for your maintenance department, for whom the topic of warehouse lighting will be a thing of the past.

Switching Warehouse Lighting is Uncomplicated

In switching your current warehouse lighting to LED technology you will profit in more ways than one with the Deutsche Lichtmiete® concept. Easily plan your new lighting yourself! If needed, our experienced lighting specialists will guide you from the first step of planning to the realization. On request, our corporate partners will take care of the maintenance and possible required repairs. These works are exclusively done by certified electrical specialists in this field, located in the geographical vicinity of your business. 

Save up to 35% in current costs after deduction of rent caused by inefficient warehouse lighting.


5 Good Reasons to Rent Efficient LED Warehouse Lighting

  1. Decreased use of electricity, CO₂ and total costs
    By switching to LED you not only lowering your electricity use by 65%, but also your CO₂ use. Moreover, after deduction of rent, save between 15–35% of the entire lighting costs with LED (depending on energy costs and operating time).  
  2. High-end products manufactured in our production facility (Made in Germany)
    Our LED industrial luminaires are manufactured in our production facility in Oldenburg, where they are designed, tested and produced. We receive the LED chips from our partner in Japan, a leading LED manufacturing company.
  3. No investment costs 
    The monthly rental of our LED industrial luminaires means that high investments or hidden finance costs are non-existent. Our rental service is in accordance with IFRS and will not negatively affect your balance in any way.
  4. Complete service
    We cover the time consuming and costly product search. On request, our corporate partners will take care of the installation (certified electrical specialists).
  5. Lifetime warranty 
    During the rental period, we guarantee lifetime warranty. In doing so, there is no potential product risk—this is our responsibility as the lessor.
Your are unsure what lighting is right for your warehouse? Our staff is happy to help you.

“I think it’s incredible that you can improve the lighting and save on overall costs at the same time.”


Manfred Hartwig
Managing Director

Assmy & Böttger Electronic GmbH & Co. KG

“The LED tubes provide a pleasant light similar to daylight. Both my staff and the customers noticed the change straight away and were surprised by the brightness and the warm light colour emitted by the new LED tubes.”

Karsten Johst
Managing Director

Edeka Markt Johst

“We especially need extremely high-quality light in the bodywork and paint shop. Our new LED lighting system will still be diffusing an even and homogenous light for many years to come."

Erik Ruschke​
Managing Director

Erik Ruschke GmbH

“The difference is like night and day.”

Peter Dzwonek
Messer GmbH on the new light situation

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