LED Workshop Lighting: Benefit from the Productivity-Factor Light


Humans absorb 80% of information through their eyes, making optimal lighting in workshops necessary. The worse the quality of light in the workplace, the more difficult it becomes to work efficiently and safely. There are important requirements, but also economic benefits, that you can benefit from in switching to LED lighting in your workshop. Among other benefits, you can lower your electricity use up to 65%!

Efficiency and Workshop Lighting: Understanding the connection to optimise

Scientific research has proven the connection between optimal lighting in industrial halls, workshops, and individual workplaces, and efficient working. An optimized lighting system can therefore increase the general performance of employees and reduce the rate of error, since better vision means reduced fatigue. A further study by Ilmenau University in collaboration with the professional association Metall found that in workplaces with lighting conditions of below 500 lux, the risk of workplace accidents is two-thirds higher than in workplaces with very good lighting. The findings conclude: Workshop lighting should be no lower than 500 lux—and depending on the performed tasks, should be even higher.

Minimum Requirements for Workshop Lighting

Workshop lighting customized to different workplaces must meet various requirements according to DIN EN 12464-1, though these merely represent a minimum standard. Especially areas such as general auto services, repair and inspection, and individual workplace lighting, must be carefully considered.

In car manufacturing and in workshops, this is how parts in various sizes come into use. Especially in the repair area, the installation and removal of small parts is part of everyday work. This creates high demands for adequate, fatigue-proof vision, which links to efficiently performing different tasks. Ideally, a combination of high-performing and glare-free lighting in the form of high bay luminaires with additional individual lighting will benefit the given workplace in which disassembled or to-be assembled parts are worked on and prepared.  

In a paint shop, the ideal lighting system is one that is evenly distributed across ceilings and walls. To optimise colour recognition, exclusively lights with a very high colour rendering index should be used.

Optimise Lighting and Increase Efficiency

The better the lighting in a workshop hall and in individual workplaces in your workshop, the more fatigue-free your employees will be completing their tasks. Clear and glare-free vision reduces the risk of workplace accidents and mistakes. The result is less absences and more efficient working, as well as the associated reduction of costs. 

Our LED tubes and luminaires boast performances beyond those demanded in the DIN EN 12464-1 minimum requirements. They are ideal for the entire workshop space. This fact guarantees optimal lighting with all its associated benefits. 
In addition to our high-end LED tubes, our efficient LED luminaires Concept Light are ideal for industrial halls and for installation in spaces above 4.5 metres in height. They are made for application in demanding settings, including surrounding temperatures of up to +70 degrees Celsius.

Rent your new Concept Light and optimise the lighting in your workshop though innovative LED tubes and luminaires! Receive a free and non-binding personal quote. Our experts are available at all times if you should have any questions.

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Rent Workshop Lighting and Reduce Operating Costs Instantly

In renting workshop lighting you not only profit from drastically-reduced use of electricity with your new lighting system. With significantly better light efficiency, LEDs also use approximately 65% less electricity.

Renting is also a cost-effective alternative to buying industrial LED lighting. Depending on electricity costs, as well as the amount of time that they are switched on, save up to 35% on total lighting costs—after deduction of rent.


5 Good Reasons to Rent Efficient LED Workshop Lighting

  1. Decreased use of electricity, CO₂ and total costs
    By switching to LED you not only lowering your electricity use by 65%, but also your CO₂ use. Moreover, after deduction of rent, save between 15–35% of the entire lighting costs with LED (depending on energy costs and operating time).  
  2. High-end products manufactured in our production facility (Made in Germany)
    Our LED industrial luminaires are manufactured in our production facility in Oldenburg, where they are designed, tested and produced. We receive the LED chips from our partner in Japan, a leading LED manufacturing company.
  3. No investment costs 
    The monthly rental of our LED industrial luminaires means that high investments or hidden finance costs are non-existent. Our rental service is in accordance with IFRS and will not negatively affect your balance in any way.
  4. No Graduated Rent
    During the entire rental period, our rental price does not change. There are no graduated rent increases. Even in the case of a repair, which we naturally cover, the rent does not increase. Guaranteed.
  5. Lifetime warranty 
    During the rental period, we guarantee lifetime warranty. In doing so, there is no potential product risk—this is our responsibility as the lessor.
“The difference is massive. It is significantly brighter and the underground car park is evenly lit-up all the way into the furthest corners.“

Thomas Sieverding
Authorized Representative

KUBON Immobilien GmbH

“An investment does not pay off in the long-term, since spare parts and electrician costs must be accounted for in the final bill.“

Siegfried Degner
Managing Director

Autohaus Degner GmbH

“The financial savings in total lighting costs are significantly higher than the monthly rental payments for the new lamps. And all without any investments.“

Hans-Georg Schwarting
Administration Director


“The feedback from our employees is consistently positive. The invariable, homogenous quality of light without any flickering effects creates very good working conditions.“

Jürgen Sauter
Purchasing Manager

Isimat GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen