Car Showroom Lighting: How to Spotlight Your Vehicles

LED Autohausbeleuchtung im Autohaus Degner


Playing with the design element light can make your car showroom a world of experience for your customers. Spotlight vehicles on display by placing them on special lighted islands, and use different light densities as a medium to lead customers through the paths in your showroom. Well-thought-out lighting in your car showroom can lead your customers through the space by setting the right accents, and steering the customer’s attention to favoured products. 

Especially LED lighting elements are ideal for designing a personalised world of experience. In this way, you can stir emotions—one of the most important criteria in the decision-making process towards buying. Intelligent control systems tailor your world of experience to the time of day. Exciting light-and-dark contrasts come into play alongside plain island presentations that allow a specific vehicle to shine in the foreground. With LED lighting there are no limits to creativity. No other technology permits these possibilities. 

Through the notably low electricity used by LED lights, you can make an additional profit of up to 65 percent through reduced electricity use.

Minimum Requirements for Lighting in Car Showrooms

Lighting in car showrooms is an unavoidable design element. But there are security aspects that must be fulfilled that are outlined in the DIN standard. Especially in the reception areas, in offices, and in the showroom, these guidelines need to be met. 

Lighting in car showrooms demands special requirements for planning the lighting system and the installation of LED lighting, due to expansive glass facades and high ceilings. For example, an uncluttered ceiling can have a positive effect on mirroring surroundings in vehicle varnishes. Here, LED luminaires are ideal, since they are made with a glare-free covering and therefore give off glare-free light. They evenly spread light in large rooms and are high-end in appearance. 

The Right Lighting for Your Car Showroom

Glare-free lighting in car showrooms is essential for the right illumination. Glare-free covers on our industrial lights provide diffused, glare-free light. These special product covers installed on our lights are extremely translucent and break-proof, manufactured by leading specialists in an extrusion process. Depending on the lighting situation, the beam angles of LED luminaires can be adjusted. In this way, light can be used for bigger or smaller surface areas.

Depending on use, LED tubes, light strips, or panels, can be used in combination to create homogenous and uniform lighting. 

We will accompany you from the detailed planning stage to the realization. Our partners, who are certified electrical specialists, take care of multiple installation and maintenance procedures. Request your personal and free quote today. 

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Optimise Your Car Showroom Lighting and Costs

The more proficiently you can spotlight your vehicles, the easier the purchasing decision will be for your customers. Especially when there is a pleasant atmosphere. With Lichtmiete, realize the switch to LED lighting without making a big investment. In installing a new lighting systems, profit in more ways than one. Through a radically-reduced use of electricity, save up to 35 percent in current operating costs after deduction of rent. But that’s not all, as you will find out in the next section.

5 Good Reasons to Rent Efficient LED Car Showroom Lighting

  1. Decreased use of electricity, CO₂ and total costs
    By switching to LED you not only lowering your electricity use by 65%, but also your CO₂ use. Moreover, after deduction of rent, save between 15–35% of the entire lighting costs with LED (depending on energy costs and operating time). 
  2. High-end products manufactured in our production facility (Made in Germany) 
    Our LED industrial luminaires are manufactured in our production facility in Oldenburg, where they are designed, tested and produced. We receive the LED chips from our partner in Japan, a leading LED manufacturing company.
  3. No investment costs
    The monthly rental of our LED industrial luminaires means that high investments or hidden finance costs are non-existent. Our rental service is in accordance with IFRS and will not negatively affect your balance in any way.  
  4. No Graduated Rent
    During the entire rental period, our rental price does not change. There are no graduated rent increases. Even in the case of a repair, which we naturally cover, the rent does not increase. Guaranteed. 
  5. Lifetime warranty
    During the rental period, we guarantee lifetime warranty. In doing so, there is no potential product risk—this is our responsibility as the lessor.

“We were primarily won over by the service philosophy of the lighting rental concept. We no longer have any product or failure risks at all and even save costs after paying the rental payments.”


Fokko Steen
Commercial Director


“The difference is like night and day.”

Peter Dzwonek
Messer GmbH on the new light situation

Messer Industriemontagen & Apparatebau

“The feedback from our employees is consistently positive. The invariable, homogenous quality of light without any flickering effects creates very good working conditions.“

Jürgen Sauter
Purchasing Manager

Isimat GmbH Siebdruckmaschinen

“We were interested in the rental concept – partly because of the energy savings predicted due to the LED luminaires, but also because we take on no risk of failure with the luminaires.”

Michael Baumgarten
Managing Director

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