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Since 2008, we have carried out a large number of energy efficiency projects in companies from all kinds of industries across the whole of Germany. We work with sensitive data and we also collaborate with stock exchange-listed companies who can count on our reliability and discretion. We have customers in virtually every industry who can vouch for what we do.


Hydro Aluminium | Production

Using the rental model at their Hamburg site, the Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products GmbH switched to modern LED lighting in their foundry and neighbouring rooms. “Making the change to a professional light concept in one package was most important to us. In the past we were operating different types of luminaires with various light colours and performance, which led to an uneven illumination of the halls,” explains Marina Seehusen, Purchaser at Hydro-Werk Hamburg. In addition to an improved illumination despite higher hall ceilings, the business is now benefiting from a massive reduction in CO2 emissions and around a 15 per cent saving on the entire lighting costs—after deduction of the rent.

Riedl Aufzüge | Production

Riedl Aufzüge ohne Logo.jpg

Riedl Aufzüge is a manufacturer of technically sophisticated elevator systems and insists on quality even when it comes to the equipment used in its own production facilities. The company engaged LED rental specialists Deutsche Lichtmiete to design and install a new concept for the forthcoming modernisation of the lighting in the production hall. The rental concept will make financial sense for Riedl: with no investment costs or product risks, the lift manufacturer gets an LED lighting system offering state-of-the-art technology.

Erik Ruschke | Workshop

Ruschke ohne Logo.jpg

The bodywork and paint business Erik Ruschke GmbH decided to modernise its lighting quickly and effortlessly with the rental model. “We particularly need very high-quality light in the bodywork and painting area,” says Ruschke. The LED light strips were swiftly chosen as the new lighting product. They truly are all-rounders in relation to longevity and performance. Ruschke is convinced:
“Our new LED lighting system will also continue to produce consistently homogeneous light for many years to come.”

A+B Electronic | Offices & Production

Assmy & Böttger Electronic GmbH & Co. KG needed to modernise the fluorescent tubes and mirror-louvre luminaires in its existing premises. The conventional mirror-louvre luminaires in the office area were replaced with modern LED recessed luminaires that enable significantly improved light output and distribution. “I think it’s incredible that lighting can be improved while saving overall costs at the same time,” says Manfred Hartwig, Managing Director of Assmy & Böttger Electronic GmbH & Co. KG.

FORMA | Production

Forma Baumgarten ohne Logo.jpg

FORMA Baumgarten KG | GmbH & Co. opted to change the lighting in two of its sites.
“We were interested in the rental concept—partly because of the energy savings predicted due to the LED luminaires, of course, but also because we take on no risk of failure with the luminaires,” summarises Michael Baumgarten. 

FRIMA | Production

Frima ohne Logo.jpg

The concrete block equipment manufacturer FRIMA from Emden already had tailor-made light planning in its production facility. For FRIMA, the next step was all about finding a high-quality replacement for its mercury vapour lights that were being banned from retail from April onwards. An opportunity for the company to switch to modern LED lighting – via a rental model from Deutsche Lichtmiete.

Knorr-Bremse | Production

Knorr Bremse ohne Logo.jpg

The Knorr-Bremse Group, an internationally leading manufacturer of brake systems for rail-based and commercial vehicles, has been stepping up its use of sustainable and efficient business processes since 2009. The company is now also harnessing the potential efficiency of a switch to LED light for the first time: in December 2014, LEDs were installed in two production areas on a rental basis. As a result, the company is not only reducing its lighting costs and CO2 emissions, but it is also retaining valuable liquidity.

Logaer Maschinenbau | Production

Logaer Mashinenbau GmbH also decided to take advantage of the LED rental model after comparing countless LED products on the market. In just two weeks, the lighting was converted to LED in four halls—without any disruption to business. Instead of the significant investments involved in purchasing, the company deliberately chose a flexible rental model.

Messer | Production

Messer ohne Logo.jpg

Due to the high hall ceilings, the old lighting at Messer Industriemontagen & Apparatebau GmbH resulted in immense energy consumption despite poor performance. By switching to high-performance, energy-efficient LEDs, enough light now reaches the floor and the energy account has been massively improved. “The difference is night and day,” describes Peter Dzwonek, responsible for production, quality management and occupational safety, with regard to the new lighting situation.

Climbing Centre

We don’t just convert industrial hall lighting to LED. Our customers also include supermarkets, car dealerships and sports facilities such as the climbing centre in Oldenburg and the tennis hall. Sports can now be enjoyed here in the best light. Moreover, the temperature in the climbing hall is not unnecessarily increased by waste heat from the lamps, unlike the sodium-vapour and halogen lamps that our high bay luminaires replaced.

RJ Lasertechnik | Production

RJ Lasertechnik ohne Logo.jpg

A laser specialist like RJ Lasertechnik GmbH has high demands when considering economical luminaires that guarantee even illumination.
“We also finally wanted a homogeneous light colour in our production hall. The old HQLs emitted inconsistent light,” recalls Ralf Risters, Managing Director of RJ Lasertechnik GmbH. By switching to LED luminaires, the company has even managed to do without a whole row of ceiling lights near the central aisle, thus saving even more costs.

SIMPEX | Workshop

Simpex ohne Logo.jpg

Mercury vapour lights had hung in the workshop bay of the Neuss-based hydraulics specialists SIMPEX HYDRAULIK GmbH for around 20 years. The yellow lights, which from this year onwards have been banned from sale due to their high power consumption, needed to now give way to energy-efficient LED lights. Instead of tying up capital for a procurement, SIMPEX HYDRAULIC GmbH decided to use the inexpensive rental model for high-quality LED lights that are “made in Germany” in a tailored lighting concept.

 Jebens | Production

Jebens ohne Logo.jpg

Where planing goes on, shavings will fall, where steel is machined, welded and flame-cut, dust will abound. And dust in abundance will automatically swallow up enormous amounts of light. This is why it is so important to have efficient, well balanced lighting in the steel construction sector. This fact prompted the Swabian structural steelwork company to opt for a comfortable all-in-one solution from Deutsche Lichtmiete that caters for this demanding environment in terms of light technology.

Johst Edeka | Retail trade

Edeka Johst_ohne Logo.jpg

The Johst Edeka supermarket in St. Peter-Ording and its wares have taken on a whole new light thanks to LED lighting. The modern and professional LED lighting which ideally illuminates goods and offers customers and staff a comfortable ambience is conveniently rented. Karsten Johst is very satisfied with the result:
“The LED tubes provide a pleasant light similar to daylight. Both my staff and the customers noticed the change straight away and were surprised by the brightness and the warm light colour emitted by the new LED tubes.”

LST Ropeway Systems | Production

At short notice, the specialist in cableway installations, LST Ropeway Systems GmbH, decided to modernise the lighting technology used in its assembly hall in Bad Tölz, Bavaria. The hall’s lighting technology, which still used mercury vapour lights, was to be quickly and inexpensively replaced. LST Ropeway Systems therefore chose the straightforward LED rental offer from Deutsche Lichtmiete – and has since saved up to 35 per cent on its previous overall lighting costs.

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