Easily Rent Industrial LED Lighting Instead of Buying

The switch to LED lighting permanently lowers operating costs and electricity use. Nonetheless, only a few companies in Germany have made the change to the modern lighting technology, since they are often scared off by big investment costs. 

On Lichtmiete.de you can rent high-end, energy efficient, and long-lasting industrial LED lighting instead of buying. From your first rental day forward, you will lower your lighting operating costs and keep these at a constant low, even after deduction of your monthly rent.

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Why It Makes Sense for Businesses to Rent Industrial LED Lighting

With Lichtmiete you profit in more ways than one: For one, our balance-neutral rental system allows valuable room for investment for your respective core business. In addition, save between 15 and 35 percent in total lighting costs from the first day forward and after deduction of monthly rental payments (the savings potential depends on electricity prices and operation time).  

It is irrelevant whether up until now you have been using conventional fluorescent tubes, HQL or HQI, or any other lighting. Our highly-efficient industrial lighting is suitable even for very high ceilings, for industrial halls with high temperatures, and for other critical environments. Our LED lights give off fault-free, bright light, guaranteed over your entire rental period. As the manufacturer and lessor, we offer product warranty for the entire rental period: If a light should fail, we will replace it free of charge. 

The professional fitting and installation is covered exclusively by qualified electrical specialists, who also cover regular maintenance checks and repairs. 

Your fixed, monthly rental cost is fully compliant with the IFRS and does not change during the entire duration of your rental period. We guarantee: no rent increases, no cost increases —even after repairs. Save high investment costs alongside no product and liability risks, and profit from the lighting technology of the future starting today. 

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Why Rent Instead of Buy?

Companies with large production- and storage halls or workshops can quickly run into big investment costs in switching to LED, which not always can be covered by a company’s equity. In addition to this, there are various liability risks for the owner

With Lichtmiete, big investment costs and hidden investments for industrial lighting are off the table. We exclusively rent high-end and long-lasting LED lighting that meets our high quality standards. For this reason, we develop and manufacture them ourselves. During the entire rental period, the product risk is the lessor’s responsibility. 

Rent Instead of Lease: Eliminate Planning and Investment Costs

In leasing, too, companies save in high investment costs and are awarded greater financial freedom. However, the lessee must cover planning and investment costs, and the entire product risk. In the case of failures or breakdowns, they must find a solution together with the manufacturer, and at the same time, stay true to their financial obligations stated in the leasing contract. In addition, the regular lease payments are usually prone to added financing shares, which have a negative impact on a company’s balance structure. These disadvantages are eliminated with our rental model. 

Is A Hire Purchase the Solution?

Another common financing possibility is the hire purchasing model. This normally refers to a purchase made in installments, in which an inflated rental price is intended to motivate the customer to buy the rental property after a few months. Hire purchase properties must be turned into switched assets right away. Additional costs for maintenance and upkeep must generally also be covered by the hire purchaser. 

Rent modern industrial LED lighting ‘Made in Germany’ and profit from our all-around service. From the first day forward, save in electricity, CO2, and costs—permanently and reliably.

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“We’re excited to have finally found a permanent solution for our lighting. The new lighting is well received by our employees.“

Marco Böke
Managing Director

druckpartner Druck- und Medienhaus

“The LED tubes provide a pleasant light similar to daylight. Both my staff and the customers noticed the change straight away and were surprised by the brightness and the warm light colour emitted by the new LED tubes.”

Karsten Johst
Managing Director

Edeka Markt Johst

“We were interested in the rental concept – partly because of the energy savings predicted due to the LED luminaires, but also because we take on no risk of failure with the luminaires.”

Michael Baumgarten
Managing Director

Forma Baumgarten KG | GmbH & Co

“I think it’s incredible that you can improve the lighting and save on overall costs at the same time.”


Manfred Hartwig
Managing Director

Assmy & Böttger Electronic GmbH & Co. KG