Switch to LED: How to Rent LED Industrial Lighting

Are you planning a switch to LED in your business? Deutsche Lichtmiete® is your reliant and experienced point of contact surrounding high-end and efficient LED industrial lighting for rent.

Benefits of LED Technology

There are many reasons that speak in favour of a modern lighting solution with LED technology: 

  • Reduced electricity use of up to 65 percent 
  • The lifespan of conventional LEDs sits at around 50.000 to 60.000 hours – our products benefit from a lifelong warranty 
  • Reduced thermal load – especially ideal for cold storages 
  • Significantly lower CO2 emissions through reduced electricity use
  • Save up to 35% in total lighting costs 

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of LED technology within our rental model? The below link provides a detailed information summary for you: Rent vs Buy

Video: Long-Lasting Light – Rent Instead of Buy

In 120 seconds, find out how easy it is to rent long-lasting LED industrial lighting:

Switching to LED in Four Steps: How It’s Done

You too would like to make the switch to LED? Then contact us for a free offer, guaranteed free and non-binding!
  1. We Generate an offer — tailored to your business, free and non-binding.
  2. Verify offer — you receive the offer via e-mail.  
  3. Accept offer — you accept the offer, by sending it back to us signed via mail. 
  4. On request: lighting installation — by one of our certified electrical specialists. 

Why You Should Rent LED Lighting

Deutsche Lichtmiete® LED industrial lighting is exclusively manufactured in our own production facility in Oldenburg. We solely use components of highest industrial quality. In addition, our LED lights are fed with significantly lower currents, which assists both the efficiency and the lifespan of the lights. In the case of a defect, you will immediately receive a free replacement. 

The most important benefits at a glance 

  • Save electricity use and CO2: By switching to LED you will not only lower your electricity use by up to 65% but also your CO2 emissions. 
  • High-end products Made in Germany: manufactured in our own production facility in Oldenburg.
  • Investment costs are omitted: Through the monthly IFRS-verified rent, high investment costs and hidden financial costs are omitted.
  • Lifelong product warranty: During the entire rental period, we guarantee a lifelong product warranty—the product risk is covered by us.
  • Lower lighting costs: Even after deduction of the consistent, monthly rent, save between 15% and 35% in total lighting costs after switching to LED (depending on electricity prices and operation time).

For What Kinds of Businesses Does a Switch to LED Make Sense?

Modern, energy efficient LED lighting systems make sense for all businesses that want to consistently lower costs, improve their ecological balance, and improve safety through better lighting. Whether in industry-, warehouse-, or production halls: Deutsche Lichtmiete® LED industrial lights offer the right lighting concept to match any use and requirement. 

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“We’re excited to have finally found a permanent solution for our lighting. The new lighting is well received by our employees.“

Marco Böke
Managing Director

druckpartner Druck- und Medienhaus

“An investment does not pay off in the long-term, since spare parts and electrician costs must be accounted for in the final bill.“

Siegfried Degner
Managing Director

Autohaus Degner GmbH

“We consistently work on sustainable projects. The switch to professional LED lighting was part of that."

Jörg Carl
Energy Officer

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“The difference is like night and day.”

Peter Dzwonek
Messer GmbH on the new light situation

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